Monday, July 13, 2009

Let's hear it for July

Summer seems to be settling in the Bay- I'm writing in the morning with full sun outside, and I left my house without a sweater...amazing! Let's hear it for July. Here are a few other exciting things this month brings: a show in Fairfax this Tuesday, a KALX appearance on Thursday (4pm), the Mission Creek Music Festival with a show at Cafe du Nord a week from today, and a show in San Jose on the 25th. More detailed info lives within that side bar on the right.
Since there's nothing like keeping busy, I also agreed to accompany Xoel Lopez (from Spain) on violin and vocals on Saturday, July 18th (the Free Concert in MacLaren Park, put together by the festival) Russ is also playing with! We'll go on at 3pm.

The Seasonal Sevens are doing well: our split single was voted record of the week by Norman Records - and it left them 'ecstatic'...Two other nice reviews, one at Losing Today (after a long ramble, but it's fun to read) and another by Psyche von het folk in Belgium.
You can support the lovely Autumn Ferment records by ordering directly from them here. I will have some copies at the Du Nord show, but they might go fast. Did I mention it's yellow?