Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bumblebee cover

Back in September I went to Mendocino for the Invisible Ocean Festival. The Mumlers were there and I rallied them to back me up on a few songs, it was so fun, rehearsing in the woods in the morning...John, JF and Felix played their brass arrangement on Wisdom of the Dove, Paolo played on a few songs and I got Will and John to sing back up vocals on Bumblebee. Back home John played around with Bumblebee and recorded it. He just now found it and I love to hear all the male harmonies, it reminds me of the Beach Boys. Click here for a newer version he did -complete with the 3rd verse!

(the original is on myspace, and I posted the quixotic first version of the cover on soundcloud.)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The American Summer...

has begun.

I went up to Nevada City last weekend to visit some friends and play at a little festival organized by Sasha and Chris, of Sasha and the Shamrock. Tall trees, fair weather and good music:  Citay, the Moore Brothers, Chelsea Wolfe, Tahiti Pehrson (who also  makes amazing paper art), and lots more, there were close to 20 bands in all, and a cute flatbed stage:

there it is

one half of the Moore Brothers. Notice the rad Nat Russell t-shirt.

I ended up playing inside upstairs towards the very end of the night and probably lulled all these tired ears to sleep.

Next week I'm heading to LA!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

La bretagne en été

Three years ago I was in Brittany and the summer was miserable...rain every other day, we were cooped up inside and couldn't do anything most of the time. I'm going back this year and I'm hoping for better the meantime, this song came out of it and I just recorded it, so here it is. With a beautiful cello part by Jen Grady, awesome upright bass courtesy of Matt Montgomery, and engeneering and drums by Jason Quever. I'm very lucky, they make my song sing.

La bretagne en été by wingeddeer