Friday, December 14, 2012

** Holiday Special **

I am offering a holiday special on my LP The Deer Convention. Free shipping on US orders until December 31st, as well as a 10% discount- just enter 'yule' at check out. I also added a (free) gift wrapping option. To order just visit the Bandcamp page. Give vinyl for the holidays!

If they (or you) don't have a record player, or if your shopping is very lat minute (like mine!) there is always iTunes. They let you gift a download, and you'll have three releases to choose from. While you're there, check out the wonderful review they wrote for the Tiny Specks of Delight EP. I simultaneously blushed and smiled reading it but ultimately I have to say I'm very happy about it.

A happy holidays  season to you all, whichever it is you celebrate! There will be more holiday cheer on this blog next week hopefully. Elves are hard at work over here.

Monday, December 10, 2012