Monday, October 5, 2009

'Seasonal Sevens' in local shops!

So very pleased to announce that the amazing ladies of Gravel and Gold and the kind gents of aQuarius Records now carry a few copies of the Seasonal Sevens: Summer 7". Get them while they last!

Both shops are in the sunny Mission District, about a block from each other. Gravel and Gold is run by a triad of stellar ladies, Cassie, Nile and Lisa. Their shop is a feast for the eyes, they carry so many unusual old and new items. Whether vintage, locally crafted or from across the pond, each object has its own story and the shopkeepers will be happy to tell you about it. Right now their walls are covered in gorgeous North American Indian and Central American woven textiles. Well worth the visit, and you can lounge on the day bed by the window...
aQuarius Records might not need an introduction, being the Mission institution that they are. Rare new and old music, a knowledgeable and opinionated staff and a listening station...also peruse the small collection of (well chosen) new and used LPs. You can order online too!

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