Thursday, October 28, 2010

The land of the free

On Sunday I went to Philadelphia and learned all about America's forefathers, the Liberty Bell and the beginnings of this 'great country'.

Independence Hall was under renovation, which seemed pretty metaphorical...


Then on tuesday I went to see a play - which I first thought was just going to be a historical farce set in Louisiana, but ended up being a reflection on the founding of the United States - how it came to be so big with the Louisiana purchase from Napoleon, the quest for a waterway to the West, the Lewis and Clark expedition,  and the irony of Thomas Jefferson's words ('all men were created equal') in light of the practice of slavery. I never go to the theater, so it was a treat...

...and a history lesson, courtesy of the East Coast!

The show was at the Lincoln Center, it's called A Free Man of Color.

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