Tuesday, January 22, 2013

LA, there's a show coming on

Hello 2013!

This is L.A.-related but if you're not in Southern California, please tell your friends who are. This will be I believe my first L.A. show in a proper venue since I moved here in September, and it's at the Bootleg Bar. Coming up next week, January 30th! It's a little last minute but we're excited to play and hoping to see a lot of our L.A. friends there.
I even made a nice flyer to try and entice you.

Tickets and info: http://www.foldsilverlake.com/event/212483
I will be playing with Chris Carlone on drums, expect a couple of surprise guest appearances on other instruments as well...and my electric guitar came out of retirement! (for part of the set at least)

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