Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I had some visitors last weekend, which allowed me to do a little tourism in these parts. A lot of good times were had, and I'll probably have a few more posts about them... On saturday afternoon we headed to Dinan, a little city on the banks of the river Rance. It's perched on cliffs and surrounded by ramparts, and most of the medieval town center is still preserved - very well preserved I should say. We strolled around the tiny streets and visited the shops. Found some delicious salt butter caramel, and sat for a crêpe mid afternoon, while watching street musicians carrying on the jester tradition.

I like how the wooden structures are sagging a bit and making everything look askew. See that tower?

Stripes, stripes and stripes.

Inside the covered market, La Cohue.

One of the few very fine looking engraving shops we encountered.

From the ramparts you can see the little port, nestled on a bend of the river:

Wouldn't it be nice to stay in one of these houses and take a few days to explore the river on a boat? maybe sail all the way to the English Channel...

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