Thursday, August 19, 2010

Memory lane

This week I went inland, to Rennes, where I went to University. It felt very strange to walk through those streets again, a little like walking through a dream, and at the same time nothing felt like it was before - maybe a sign that I've truly grown out of the person I was then...or just that it had been sooo long.

I eventually found a record store where I spent a bit of time - they had a listening station, that was nice. Found a Kristin Hersh album I didn't know, and discovered a funny French Madagascan pop outfit from the 60s, The Surfs. I also had to take a photo of those two goth kids across the street:

It turns out they appeared right above the Sister of Mercy bin, I didn't realize when I was taking the picture...

At my parents' house I pondered my teenage reads -

and old photos:

We liked to dress up!

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  1. Je suis passée à Rennes il y a 3-4 ans et je m'y sentais étrangère aussi. Mais il n'y a pas que nous qui avons changé, la ville aussi...
    D'ailleurs Rennes Musique a fermé depuis longtemps, le début de la fin !