Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Looking for the silver lining on a bike

Staying with family is not always easy. After the first few days, all the things that might have annoyed you about a person at some point start to resurface. The way they do certain things, how you get into arguments. You might have thought you had changed but there it is, the same kind of confrontations, again. In a way it's good it happens because - at least for me - it forces us to confront the issues. In my case, I feel like I'm learning more about who they are. I try to see them in a different light, and to give them the same respect and clemency I would grant anyone else I am led to meet in my life otherwise. It's quite eye opening, also challenging, very difficult at times, yet I'm grateful for the experience...but it can all get a bit exhausting!

So for a change of pace I went on a bike ride. My Dad has just fixed up an old bike I fell in love with, so I defied the grey skies and chilly weather and headed inland to the fields and country lanes. I bumped my way along the rocky paths and had a pretty good time. I found cows, wheat fields, corn fields, fallow fields filled with wild flowers, and even a bumblebee at work on a thistle.

On my way back I rode by the seafront, and up to a house I used to fantasize about as a child. It's been redone into apartments but still looks the part (of the romantic summer mansion). From there a small lane goes down to a creek where I found my silver lining. I sat there for a while and watched the tide.

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