Thursday, July 15, 2010

NEW ALBUM - The Deer Convention

Great news! the new album is finally ready to be released! it's about 40 minutes long, has 11 songs, they're all in order and mixed. Also, as you've guessed, it's named. I'm incredibly excited about the way it sounds, there's been some really fantastic collaborations going on during the recording process.

I'm planning a release for the Fall, and decided to fund it through
Kickstarter, since I'd really like to make it available on vinyl - and that cost a little bit of money! The way Kickstarter works is a little like having the opportunity to preorder your copy of the album, or just the digital version if you so wish. For every amount pledged there is a corresponding reward, and I came up with some pretty special things for you (you could even be credited as executive producer, get an exclusive recording of the next, not-yet-named album - or have your own private concert!). So the best thing is for you to go and check out that link, find out more about the project and what the money will be for, read the little blurb, and watch the video. I'm pretty proud of that one too!

And please, SPREAD THE WORD!
Every repost counts, as we have a deadline, and the more people know about this, the more likely we are to meet our goal. Thanks a million!

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