Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thoughts on French food and politics

In France right now, where I will be for the next month. I'm slowly getting situated, and the jetlag is not too bad this time around. It was very hot until yesterday, and got a little cooler and overcast today. The food is amazing as expected...yesterday I had lunch in a nice organic, local produce only restaurant with my sister-in-law. Right in the middle of the town, facing an old church, and with a funny slogan:

(nourriture et vin non issus de la pensée unique)

Interesting to see a kind of politics I'm used to see in the Bay Area at work here too. Lots of flyers in the bathroom, with another quote, from Hippocrates (along the lines of 'let food be your medicine'). Meanwhile the police came slowly driving or  strolling by at least 3 times (we had a long lunch, but still...)- a lot of them everywhere it seems. I even saw soldiers with machine guns in the Montparnasse train station, standing guard at either side of the main stairs...

Meanwhile, what I've come to call the Deer Convention Vinyl Project had a glorious start! 
I need your help to make the dream come true, so please click this link to check it out, watch the video, pledge, and spread the word!

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