Friday, July 23, 2010

A trip to the bookstore and some Swiss humor

Visited a fine bookstore, La Belle Aventure, where I restocked on French books. I passed on a volume of Chekhov's short stories for the sake of my suitcase's weight, and instead went for more recent (or new
to me) French female authors...I think I have enough to read for the summer? 

The bookstore also carried a great selection of amazing postcards made by two eccentric Swiss brothers, Plonk & Replonk. Surrealist, absurd, and uproariously funny are words that come to mind - but you have to see for yourself:

(la danse des pommes de terre en robe des champs au printemps)
(the dance of the potatoes in 'field dress' (=in the skin) in the spring)

(a very rare fishing accident)

(the end of the lake. The elders thought that the lake was flat, like the earth. And that if one went to the end of it, they would fall into the void.)

(a flock of 'absent-minded' ('├ętourneau' is a bird, '├ętourdi' is absent-minded) waiting for rescue.)

(mechanical boat with winder.)

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